About us

BOTI International Ltd is a Hong Kong based toy company formed by BHBB LTD and The Goodmark Group in September 2012. The company is dedicated to the development and worldwide (FOB) distribution of innovative entertaining toys for kids around the world.

BOTI (stands for Big On Toy Innovation) International is the 100% owner of a subsidiary company named BOTI Europe BV, based in The Netherlands, responsible for our domestic distribution of our products as well as 3rd party products in Benelux (BNL), France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GAS)

Our mission is to develop and market great entertaining toy products for kids around the world.
We focus on our core competencies of building brands, creating innovative products and delivering great customer service and are proud to partner with leading entertainment licensors, toy manufacturers and inventors.

BOTI has a dynamic and ambitious team with a great deal of experience in the international toy industry, that prides itself in bringing quality innovative products to market with consumer focused service.

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