Pokémon 4" Poké Ball Plush

Practice and perfect your Pokémon training skills with these 4-inch Pokémon ultrasoft plush Poké Balls! Each one is unique with realistic embroidered details and is weighted on the bottom so it always lands right-side up. Add one or all to your Pokémon arsenal! Choose from Ultra Ball, Master Ball, Quick Ball, Luxury Ball, or Great Ball. Get ready for awesome battle action with friends reenacting your favorite scenes from the Pokémon Animated Series with these plush Poké Balls! Gotta Catch ‘Em All™! Suitable for ages 2 years and up.


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Pokémon, which in 1995 became known for the game for the Game Boy and grew into a giant brand. Besides the Pokémon games from Nintendo, there are the well known Pokémon cards. This Pokémon Trading Card Game is not only used as a game, but the cards are also extremely popular with the collectors.

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